Guardin X Yung Van - Let's Just Keep Walking


專輯: ​guardin

They've been patiently waitin' on this
Disclaimer, this ain't no diss
Sparkin' that spliff, blunt on my lip
Could fuck your bitch & then just plead the fifth
But that's just a myth, might hit the strip
Cop me a bag & then quickly unzip
Packin' the bong & you know i'm gon' rip
Through it in 24 hours, don't trip

You got the plug on your phone
Hittin' em up every time that you just tryna zone
Smokin' & crying, fuck being alone
Baby I miss you when you is not home
Takin' a shot of Bombay
Don't really drink, but I just wanna fade
Outta my mind, in due time imma make
Everyone proud of me, even the fakes

Stay in your lane, you best stay in your line
Circlin' round till i'm down in the drain
All i can feel is the sorrow & pain
What is my name?
Sparkin' a blunt everyday

Girl i'm in love with the way you say my name
My hearts restored & it's you who's to blame

This is the moment that we
Tried to find clarity under the sea
You know that you mean the damn world to me
You know that you mean the damn world to me

[Yung Van]
I hit your phone when you gone babe
Sorry if it's wrong
I call you up on the weekdays
Cause I'm all alone
I really don't have free time
I stay at home
In my room and I wonder
Why I'm alone
I just wanna know
Why is it so cold
Locked up in my room

All by myself
I don't need help
I'll hit your line
If I need help
Clearly you can't see the pain you've caused
Just like a knife to my skin, baby you left scars
I'm tryna hide from myself
I just can't live with myself
If it ain't you in my life
Who is gonna be my wife
You are thorns to my rose
Babe if you go then I go
You can't just leave me alone
Baby girl you are my home